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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Oct 19, 2020

21 Gun Live - Latest Military/Veteran Topics - Military Inspired Viral Video Week in Review. Special guest Josh Graham from DD214 Fight Wear!

From Far too many of our Veterans are drowning in grief and guilt. Civilian life can be trying for our warriors. While there are several programs to help them, the stigma with addressing mental health limits our Vets from getting the treatment they need. DD214 was started by two Marines who couldn't stand by and watch our brothers and sisters suffer without a fight. We were lucky enough to find an outlet with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to help us adjust. Please help us get BACK IN THE FIGHT against PTSD! We are dedicated to raising awarenesson this matter and support organizations that are finding natural and healthy ways to help our warriors! Thank you for all your help.

Semper Fi,

Milt and Josh

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