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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Apr 17, 2022

The Twenty One Gun Podcast is a live podcast highlighting the unique opinions on current events from the viewpoint of veterans. It is an unfiltered view into our experiences in combat and how that shaped our views of the world. The main stream media and politicians think they understand us and can speak for us. That...

Apr 10, 2022

Kevin, Frank and Jeremy are back for their second pilot episode, covering current news and events from the perspective of salty combat veterans. This week they talk about why everyone loves EOD... maybe even more than Navy Seals thanks to Hollywood. Jeremy tells the story of how he assaulted a patron with an ice cream...

Apr 10, 2022

Ladies and gents, we were recording a pilot episode for Anthony Cumia's Compound Media! We figured while we're here, let's go ahead and go live for our FB and YT audience. We're winging it here but this is what we do! News, gossip and current events. We're like the View except we're not insufferable megalomaniacs.