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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Aug 3, 2020

Twenty One Gun presents the second installment of our new bi-monthly Irreverent-Warrior-focused LIVE call-in show called "The Soup Sandwich." This week I am up north on Lake Erie with TERRIBLE reception! So apologies for my audio quality. This week we discuss my bad luck on the road, how to recruit veteran hikers, and a veteran's tendency to downplay their individual trauma. 

Call-ins from Mali Domek-Hernandez representing the Raleigh, NC hike, Bobbi Smith-Taylor representing Chattanooga, and James Yates from Des Moines!


Register for the Des Moines Hike 8/8

Register for the Raleigh Hike 8/15

Register for Chattanooga Hike 8/22

Music intro and outro by our newest friend Jake Hill. He's not a veteran but an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention. Visit his YouTube Site to show your support!

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