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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

Featuring: Irreverent Warriors Jacob Fry of the Lincoln Nebraska Hike on July 3rd.

Special Guest: Juan Baret

Juan is a Dominican American Air Force Veteran that has dedicated his life to the service of our Nation. Juan is passionate about the game of Baseball and the great lessons it teaches about life. In 2013, as a former amateur baseball player, he could no longer play due to chronic pain related to military service. But rather than focusing on the things he could no longer do with baseball, this challenge allowed him to make handmade wooden baseball bats called “Baret Bats” so others may play. Fast forward to now and his home-based business is called Baret Baseball Goods and it focuses on: Handmade Baseball Bats for game play and as Art for gifts, baseball gloves, glove relacing and accessories. His bats and gloves have been used in all levels of baseball to include the Major Leagues, and his Artist Bats are featured in the upcoming “Pleibol” exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Juan lives in Prince William County Virginia with his wife Darianella and four children. To get a hold of Juan or to order an Artist Bat go to his website:

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