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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

Dr. Rob Sands is the co-founder of the Pamlico Rose Institute in Washington, NC which advances wellness programs for female Veterans. Pamlico focuses on connecting mind, body, spirit, and community through meaningful/persistent attention to nutrition, exercise, health, and spirituality and build resilience to help in reintegration.

Reintegration is more challenging for female Veterans due to:
· conflicting roles and identity of mother, partner, and Veteran;
· single parenting;
· absence of support network and/or not self-identifying,
· access to the VA difficult due to many factors.
Building a strong foundation of wellness and resilience can help female Veterans overcome the effects of trauma and an uncertain future.
Pamlico Rose promotes a holistic approach to wellness, Total Life Fitness (TLF), that builds a strong foundation of living fit and helping one move through the reintegration experience. Building resilience to adversity, TLF encourages an individual through mind, body, spirit and healthy relationships to focus on one’s whole self. TLF programs include residential living, the arts, nutrition, gardening, connecting with nature, yoga, and other activities and will be offered at their Rose Haven Center of Healing in Washington, NC. Rose Haven includes a soon to be completed (Summer of 2020) rehabilitated 1892 farmhouse as a reintegration home, its adjacent historic barn as a multipurpose support facility, and a healing landscape that includes meditation and produce gardens. The Center covers ½ neighborhood block in Washington, NC’s historic district.

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