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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Nov 11, 2019

Fate has a way of taking your personal plan for life and completely turning it upside down. I can't help to feel that this is a good thing. It allows us to adapt and overcome. More importantly, as we grow, we help those around us grow as well. Brian was an NCO in the Army and was headed back to his duty station after lunch when a patch of black ice changed his life forever. He had two choices - depression over the loss of his previous life - or - motivation to keep going and striving under this new path. As a result, Brian created Motivating America.

From the Motivating America Web Page:

Motivating America was founded by Brian Conwell, a 10 year Army combat disabled veteran. Regardless of PTSD or losing his leg, Brian never gave up, he felt happy and blessed to be alive. He had lost too many brothers and sisters abroad and here at home. Something had to be done.

The goal of Motivating America is to help those in need and motivate others to do good for someone they know or run into. Whether it's a veteran with PTSD or your neighbor that needs extra assistance, a few minutes of your day can completely change their life.

Brian was a great guest and a pleasure to talk too. I hope you enjoy the show. As always, visit for everything 21G and shoot me an email to