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Twenty One Gun Podcast

May 3, 2021

Tonight's featured guest: Dean Wegner Dean is the Founder & CEO of Authentically American, a Veteran owned, American made premium apparel brand. They are a company that celebrates patriotism, believes in the American worker, and honors our American heroes by intentionally donating 10% of profits to Veteran and First Responder charities. A West Point graduate, Dean served 7 years as a helicopter pilot and Army Ranger, and holds an MBA in Finance from Cal State. A majority of his business career was spent in business development, marketing, and strategy with Mars Inc. and Procter & Gamble. As a former Division I ice hockey player, he is highly competitive and possesses a tireless work ethic. His primary focus is on growth, team-building, and creating a winning culture.

So head over to Authentically American and use the PROMO CODE: FOUNDER for 25% off all orders!

In Studio: Raleigh Hike Co-Coordinator, EOD Frank Easterling.

From California: Army Vet Phillip Hadlock who is finishing up a 500 mile kick-scooter ride across CA to raise awareness for Veteran Homelessness.

Plus: Jason Black from the Indianapolis Hike and Jarvie Curtis from the Salt Lake City Hike will be on to discuss the details of this weekend's IW Silkies Hikes.

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