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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

We're back live with the latest news from the Irreverent Warriors; Breakdowns of viral stories and videos from the military community. Special Rucking 2 Remember follow-up with Keith Bridges.

Tonight's guest is: Patrick Benson is an Army Veteran, Horse Trainer and Co-founder and Director of War Horses for Veterans, an equine program providing personal and professional opportunities for combat veterans and first responders.  As a child, Patrick loved riding horses.  He enlisted in the US Army Infantry after high school serving in the Kosovo Campaigns in 1999 and in Operation Iraq Freedom in 2003.  When he completed his military service, Patrick attended a John Lyons Certification Program for training horses and then founded his own equine training program.   Visit for a list of all upcoming #Silkieshikes!

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