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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

Okay, rough topic I know but it is very pertinent to the discussion of mental health in the veteran. A number of studies have shown that there are links between veteran substance abuse, depression, and suicide. In one study that involved roughly 600 veterans who were deployed to either Afghanistan or Iraq, 39 percent of the vets were screened and showed positive for probable alcohol abuse. 3 percent of the vets screened were positive for probable drug use. A larger study that involved more than 675,000 active duty personnel determined that the rate of both substance use disorders and depression has increased among active members of the military. Here's the rub, what can you do? What can I do? How do you identify a brother or sister that is struggling? If you do, how do you get them help? What is the process of recovery like for the individual? Is there a process for recovery for loved ones? We will try and tackle this and more on 21 Gun's "The Soup Sandwich!"

VA Substance Abuse Resources 

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