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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Aug 10, 2020

Alan Thrall is the owner of Untamed Strength. His love for strength training started at a very young age and his unquenchable desire to always learn more has lead him to pursue his passion of helping others experience the fulfillment of getting stronger inside the gym and in their day to day lives.

Alan is a Marine Corps veteran who served as a presidential security guard as well as a “World Famous” Body Bearer at Arlington National Cemetery. During his stint in the Marine Corps Alan signed up for his first local amateur Strongman competition and this sparked a competitive fire that has lead him to compete in many Strongman competitions as well as Powerlifting and Olympic Weightlifting meets. Alan has personal experience as an athlete, a coach, and a promoter for the sport of Strongman.

To learn more about Alan’s methodology, beliefs, and teaching style, check out his YouTube channel: Here you will find topics that range from strength training instruction and programming, nutrition, motivation, and more. To learn more about his gym Untamed Strength go to

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