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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Oct 5, 2020

Welcome to the latest rendition of 21 Gun Live formerly known as The Soup Sandwich (we need a new name for the live shows!). Tonight's episode covers: Live show day change - No more army Shark Attacks!? - Our new music contributor Russ Robson. - Quiet Explosions Film - Pre-traumatic stress disorder - Veteran suicide spike in 2020 - Air Force battling wild fires with impressive flying -

Special Guest Zach "Guff" McGuffey from 22 Until Valhalla. 22 Until Valhalla is a 501c3 nonprofit helping veterans across the United States connect with valuable resources, the veteran community, and most importantly - themselves. Through programs such as yoga, jiu jitsu, float tank therapy, mountaineering, and many others, we are helping veterans battle suicide physically, mentally, and emotionally. Check them out at 

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