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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Aug 8, 2019

This is PART II of the round table type open conversation with a couple of Marines.
This week we have Mike Stojic who is a former Marine and owner of Revival 1869, a whiskey bar located in downtown Clayton NC which boasts a library of over 100 different types of whiskeys from around the world. Mike is a brilliant and highly motivated entrepreneur and it shows in the quality of the product he delivers. Visit for hours and events. 
We also have, Paul Cardenas who is also a former Marine and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Uncommon Valor Apparel, a clothing line established to support active-duty military, veterans, and first responders. I can attest to the comfort and quality of his clothing line and have even been witnessed mowing my lawn in a pair of UCV silkies! Check him out over at and use 21Gun at checkout to receive 10% off.
We gathered at Revival 1869 bar for a round of bourbon and to discuss some veteran issues. Topics include:
-What makes veterans good entrepreneurs?
-Thank you for your service.
-Living among civilians.
-Survivors guilt.
-Veteran suicide.
-Reasons for joining the service.
-The role we play as veterans in supporting other veterans
-Meditation and therapy for improved mental health.