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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

Okay, every once in a while you meet folks who are the real deal. These are the folks who give you the impression that they would give you the shirt off their backs without hesitation. You are able to judge this class of individual by their actions... not their hashtags.... not their Instagram feeds but by their ACTIONS. Brett D'Alessandro and Alexa Modero are most definitely "those kind of people". 
It's hard to say where their collective story beings. Was it when Brett volunteered to defend his country during a time of war? Was it when Alexa refused to leave Brett's side despite horrific struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress? Maybe it begins with the creation of Backpacks for Life - a non-profit organization dedicated to providing homeless and at-risk veterans with a host of resources. Brett and Alexa dedicate their lives ensuring no veteran slips through the cracks and connect folks to the proper resources to save lives. Check out Backpacks for Life over at
Hope you enjoy the show. If you want to be on the show or just say "hi", shoot me an email
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