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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Sep 9, 2019

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Mike Lerario was a 1983 Graduate of the United States Military Academy and served 23 years as an Infantry Officer before retiring from the Army in 2006. He deployed in combat operations with conventional and special operations forces, both as a soldier and as a civilian. 

Mike shares his unique perspective having served in the shadow of the Vietnam War to riding across the open desert with a map in one hand and brand new GPS technology in the other. He saw the military shift from amassing hundreds of thousands of troops at a nation's border to inserting small units for precision strikes in the ancient battlegrounds of the Afghan mountains. 

We discuss how the soldier has changed over the past several decades, the stress of almost two decades of war, and the effects the increasing lethality of weaponry plays on the psyche of the modern veteran. 

In October of 2016, Mike published Leadership in Balance: The Fulcrum-centric Plan for Emerging and High Potential Leaders. He also designed and developed the Leadership Fulcrum Assessment© as a tool to help leaders understand their natural tendencies in the four essential leadership domains of Communications, Adaptability, Focus, and Influence

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