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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

In Studio: Army Veteran and Gen Manager of Big Ed's in Raleigh... the moustache himself - Nick Culpepper

Special Guest: EJ Snyder

EJ spent 25 years in the Army and served in OIF and Desert Storm. His decorated career included earning the Ranger Tab & Jump Wings. He was awarded two Bronze Star Medals, the Legion of Merit, the Order of St. Maurice (Centurion), and over 40 other decorations while serving. He was assigned as a Ranger Instructor, he attended US Army Survival School (SERE-C) and Tracking Course and became the Primary Survival and Tracking Instructor for the course.

EJ is best known for his daring 21 day and 40 day survival feats while completely naked. He starred in the Pilot episode of “Naked and Afraid: Terror in Tanzania”, a 21 Day Survival Challenger where a strange man and woman come together for 21 Days completely Naked with one item each and try to survive till extraction. EJ was the 1st Man to complete the Challenge. Seven months later, when 3 people quit, EJ was joined by Laura Zerra to complete the challenge in “Naked and Afraid: Man Vs Amazon” making EJ the 1st Man to complete the 21 Day Challenge twice. EJ was asked back for the 40 Day Challenge of 6 men and 6 Women, in “Naked and Afraid XL” in the Colombian Badlands, making him the Only Man to complete the challenge three times! 

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