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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

Tonight we will start with the usual weekly recap of IW events and veteran themed news of the week.

Special Guest is Jarred Prewitt. He and fellow Marine Matt Gregorio are currently writing a book called "Deathwalker Marines" to immortalize the actions of their unit during the Global War on Terror. Jarred was a Designated Marksman in Second Platoon, Cold Steel (Charlie Company) for Ramadi, Iraq Sept 2006-May 2007. Anbar Awakening. He was a Squad Leader in Garmser, Afghanistan March 2008-October 2008. A part of two “Surges”.

In Jarred's words:

"We want to interview as many 1/6 Marines/Attachments/Co-Units that worked with us during the time we were in along with those that came before and after us. We want to tell the story as honestly and completely as we can. Two perspectives can’t tell the entire story of the Anbar Awakening. We’ll never be able to get it all, but that’s not going to keep us from trying anyways. Goals of the book: It’s a multi-layered story of successes from the GWOT that were overlooked and/or forgotten about. The issue of mental health and the plague of suicide. We saw a lot of combat, our KIA list is long, but our post-war deaths at home list is three times as long. It’s a serious problem. It can’t be highlighted enough. The bevy of health issues that veterans deal with.

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