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Twenty One Gun Podcast

Sep 28, 2020

I had the chance to talk with two time Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Jerri Sher.

From her site: "Her latest film, "Quiet Explosions" is the story of Special Forces Green Beret, Andrew Marr, who returned home from his third deployment, a quietly broken man. The high-ranking explosives expert suffered a multitude of traumatic brain injuries after being “front and center” to hundreds if not thousands of detonations in Afghanistan. Issued thirteen mind-altering medications including narcotics by the VA, Marr continued to suffer fatigue, depression, panic, anxiety, disorientation, memory loss, and chronic pain. His favorite bedtime companions, whiskey and a loaded shotgun, almost destroyed him and his family. When it was almost too late, he found Dr. Mark Gordon, Neuroendocrinologist, who developed a safe treatment protocol for TBI with or without PTSD. Their work has been helping veterans and civilians through their Warrior Angels Foundation and the Millennium-TBI Project."

Jerri is a passionate advocate for health and wellness and her film will touch many lives. 

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